Skill Development Center

The skill development center aim is to make students ready for the industry. It is realized unanimously though lately that there is a big gap between academic knowledge and technical skills required by the industry. Therefore at our college, with the excellence set of academic teaching, various technical skills required by the industry/corporate world are also taught to the students. Students here are trained to be practically oriented than just academically perfect.
The objectives of Skill Development Centre are:

  • To provide all the facilities and resources like latest software’s, electronic devices, equipment’s, journals, books etc.
  • To give practical training to the students in the required essential technical skills
  • To conduct Workshops and Seminars by industrial experts
  • To facilitate Institute industrial interactions and knowledge exchange programmes
  • To arrange Industrial visits in and around the city and outskirts.
To enrich the practical knowledge of the students, the university insist the students to offer the in-plant training. In this training, students will have to study a problem in industrial perspective and submit the reports to the university. The training period will be 4 to 6 weeks. Generally the students will go for their in-plant training during their semester vacations. Such in-plant training will provide an industrial exposure to the students as well as to develop their career in the high tech industrial requirements. Reputed companies are providing inplant training to our students.
  • With CAD center through which CREO certification classes was conducted inside the campus for students from the department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • MOU signed with NIIT for JAVA and C++ classes for those students interested in value addition from the department of ECE, EEE, CSE and It. These classes are also conducted inside the campus.
  • Our students also sent to NSIC and MSME Govt. of India for certain courses.
Achievement for Industry Institution Partnership

  • Stipend Internship at Standard Charted Bank and Richard Ellis for ECE and Mechanical.
  • Training for ECE, EEE, Mechanical meritorious students at Schnider Electric & co.
  • Projects for CSE & IT at muchocase (International Organization).
  • Testing for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS Ion).
  • Center of Excellence for GIS.
  • Local chapter of NPTEL, Chennai.
  • The counselling center provides mental health and other services within a college environment. The need for these services is on the rise. Counselling center directors and other student affairs personal have reported an increase in the mental health needs of the college students and faculty members.
  • Counselling includes individual counselling, psychotherapy, crisis response, group counselling, motivational programme and physiological programme.

The Higher Education Cell was formed at Loyola Institute of Technology with a view to provide the students a guidance to enhance their knowledge in their chosen area of study. It provides students counseling on the various courses available and encourages them to pursue a field of study in line with their skill sets, aptitude and career aspirations. The Cell also prepares students for a lifelong commitment for learning. This allows students to excel in their chosen area of expertise.

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