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Loyola Institute of Technology MBA Department, its mission to sustain and develop its historical commitment to academic freedom and to pursue harmonious coexistence within the human and ecological community on this planet.

MBA in Established in 2008, affiliated to Anna University, approved by AICTE is widely recognized as one of Tamil Nadu State Government comprehensive universities, with a distinguished history of education.


The Department of management studies is dedicated to educational excellence in preparing students to meet the challenge of globalized business and developing ideas that will improve society


  • To Develop talent that attract Indian & international organization to campus
  • To produce managers who will be future ready and socially responsible
  • To Initiate and sustain entrepreneurial competency development process.
  • To Develop cutting – manager and entrepreneur who will be future ready and socially responsible.


  • To produce two university rank holder every year
  • To accelerate the knowledge in finance sector through one specific NSE Program
  • Special knowledge in financial service sector through internship.
  • special knowledge in service sector through on job training program.


  • Within its broad and varied educational structure, Loyola Institute of Technology will transmit high-quality knowledge and promote independent and interactive learning.
  • MBA Program will educate outstanding and humane researchers and specialists, who will contribute responsibly to the world’s human and ecological community.

The Graduate School of Management offers courses and workshops in business and management which are both highly practical and intellectually challenging. The curricula cover the latest international knowledge on various topics relating to business and management. The school also offers elective on MBA 2 years Full Time Program

Electives are

  • Human resource management
  • Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • System
  • Operation Management

Students are encouraged to organize their own study program based on their intended career paths. The first year is mainly devoted to the general study of a core curriculum, while the second year is more flexible in terms of time allocation among course work, research workshops, internships and other extra-curricular activities. By the time students complete the program, they are well prepared to venture into the competitive world of business and management.


PEO-I : To have a thorough understanding of the core aspects of the business.

PEO-II : To provide the learners with the management tools to identify, analyze and create business opportunities as well as solve business problems.

PEO-III: To prepare them to have a holistic approach towards management functions.

PEO-IV: To motivate them for continuous learning.

PEO-V: To inspire and make them practice ethical standards in business

Programme Outcomes (POs):
  • MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE: Ability to apply the business acumen gained in practice
  • DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT OF SOLUTION: Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, to achieve organizational and individual goals. Ability to upgrade their professional and managerial skills in their workplace.
  • INTER-PERSONAL SKILLS: Ability to understand solve managerial issues
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Analytical mind is a product of training. When a person confronts a problem or faces a situation or has multiple choices from which to select one, his mind is put to strain. A well-trained analytical mind will have enough data in store to take correct decisions
  • MODERN TOOL USAGE: Ability to explore and reflect about managerial challenges, develop informed managerial decisions in a dynamically unstable environment
  • CONDUCT INVESTIGATION OF COMPLEX PROBLEMS: Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively, to achieve organizational and individual goals. Ability to upgrade their professional and managerial skills in their workplace.
  • COMMUNICATION: One must have the ability to effectively communicate in a friendly manner. Though this looks easy, one needs tremendous amount of training to achieve this ostensibly simple skill
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE: Ability to understand one’s own ability to set achievable targets and complete them. Ability to take up challenging assignments.
  • LIFELONG LEARNING: Ability to pursue lifelong learning, To have a fulfilling business career.

    • To make 15 II year MBA finance students get trained in mutual fund(Level – V).
    • 10 students from II year involve in the Internship program and get placed in the company
    • MBA II year 44 students articulate career goal in the retail management provided one on-the job training Program.
    • 9 students from II MBA involves in internship with the reputed trading company for six months in the second year of Master of Business Administration.


    • To organize NISM,NCFM 2 short term course for the I and II year students in financial sector
    • To achieve 100% graduation year 2018-19 and producing 2 university rank
    • To encourage our students to prepare and execute idea into five business plan.
    • To achieve 100% placement in 2018-19

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