IBM Watson:

With Watson you can unlock hidden value in your data to find answers, monitor intricate trends and patterns, and classify and search visual content using machine learning.

As you use Watson to build and expand your AI capability, consider how flexible financing can help you.

Watson IOT:

Watson IoT simplifies the networking of devices to drive digital disruption with far-reaching impact.
By financing tools such as IBM Maximo for asset lifecycle management and IBM TRIRIGA® to automate facilities management you can more quickly deploy cognitive IoT technology to infuse new intelligence into products, services, and processes.


The OpenPOWER Foundation is collaboration around Power Architecture products initiated by IBM and announced as the “OpenPOWER Consortium”. IBM is opening up technology surrounding their Power Architecture offerings, such as processor specifications, firmware and software with a liberal license, and will be using a collaborative development model with their partners.

The goal stated is to enable the server vendor ecosystem to build their own customized server, networking and storage hardware for future data centers and cloud computing. is still the governing body around the Power Architecture instruction set but specific implementations are now free to use under a liberal license granted by IBM. Processors based on IBM’s IP can now be fabricated on any foundry and mixed with other hardware products of the integrator’s choice.


Artificial intelligence has been applied to everything from digital assistants that power smart speakers to helping drivers park to predicting weather. And during the next year, the technology is expected to become even cheaper, more efficient, and more broadly used.

The greater use of AI over the next year depends on improving how computers learn based on experience and reasoning, both of which help lower the cost and increase the speed at which the complex systems behind AI crunch massive amounts of data. As AI gains adoption, new uses could open up for that haven’t yet been considered.
IBM, for example, has spent the last six years creating an AI system that can debate humans in real time. The system can create 10 minutes of content that is intelligent and on topic following one sentence from its opponent. It listens, comprehends, and makes its rebuttal.

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