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The Program started with a welcome address by our beloved Principal Dr.Sujatha Anand. Then the session was headed by Mr. D. Ananda Raj, Founder and Researcher, Study Channel Educational Trust. He began the session with a warm up mind game.

It is then followed by an Interaction session which motivated the students .The students were asked to participate in Quiz competition that involved a variety of brain development and common sense related Questions. The session also involved an Amplitude Analysis Test.

Mr. Saravanan , then spoke about the importance of women safety and also the various self-defense training activities were taught for the students.

Then, he delivered a speech for motivating the students to develop creative innovative ideas and guidelines to become a part of incubation centers.

The Program then came to an end with a feedback session and vote of Thanks.

The Program was useful and inspiring for the students. The program was a grand success and paved the way for the career development and women safety.

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