College Rules & Regualtions

As members of the college community, students are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, courtesy and responsibility on and off campus. No students shall participate in acts tending to discrete the institution or impede its working either from within or from outside.

  • Timing: College timing – 8.00am to 3.30pm. Lunch break – 11.30am to 12.10pm. Special classes are arranged on working days will be conducted upto 5.15pm. Students are not permitted to enter into the campus after 7.50am and are not allowed to leave the campus during the college hours, without the Principal/HOD permission.
  • Admission: Students should submit their original +2 mark list, CC & TC. Incase of CBSE& courses other than +2 Tamilnadu Board, 10th mark sheet should also be submitted. Wherever needed community certificates should also be given.
  • Students are requested to wear their ID Cards while they are at college campus & bus every day. Loss of the same should be reported to authority in writing and a fresh ID should be obtained.
  • All the students should come to the college in time. Buses are operated for the student’s convenience and he/she can board at his/her nearest boarding point with valid college bus pass. All the buses will leave the campus at 3.45.
  • The day begins with a common prayer through the public Address System in which all participates maintaining silence.
  • The college expects all students to attend the regular Assembly programmes as well as special functions organized by college.

Dress Regulation:


  • Shirt, jeans or any pant (Fancy Jeans, Balloon pant and Low waist pant will not be allowed).
  • Growing of beard and fancy unruly hair styles will not be allowed.
  • Footwear – shoes or sports shoes.


  • Salwars or Chudidhars with dupatta, Jeans may be worn with kurthis.
  • Loose hair will not be permitted.
  • Footwear –slip-on .

Dress regulation in the Lab/Workshop:

For both Boys & Girls
Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Electronics labsA long white overcoat with leather shoes
Basic workshop, Carpentry, Fitting, Welding and all Electrical LabsBlue overcoat with leather shoes

  • Student counselor: Each and every student will be attached to a lecturer as a student counselor. This counselor will advice /council his/her academic activities for entire course. Students are required to meet the consoler for their academic needs.
  • Academic performance and feedback: following tests are conducted in a semester and the results are send to their parents periodically. Parents are kindly requested to note these results and follow up the academic performance on their wards. They are requested to spend their time to have discussions with the student counselor.
  • Failed in two and above subjects in the University exams and unit tests: Parents are requested to meet the class-in-charge first, and then meet the respective Head of the Department, and the principal in the prescribed dates specified.
  • Parents Acknowledgement: Unit tests, Model exams and university exams marks should be entered in the student’s personal history card and also sent to the parents. All the marks sent through E-mail/SMS should b acknowledged by the parents and this will be verified by the class in-charge.
  • All requisition letters for scholarship, Industrial visit, Permission, Bonafide certificates, and Project Permission and in plant training should be addressed to THE PRINCIPAL.
  • Change of Address: If there is any change in the address, it should be informed to the respective student’s class in-charge/Office by the parents. Boarding point in the record should also be changed immediately.

TestPortion/UnitDatesInformation sent to the parent about the results
IAT - I40% / 1&2Within 3-5 days after the last exam
IAT - II80% / 3&4Within 5 days after the exam
IAT - IIIV Unit (I tough Unit)Within 5 days after the last exam
Model practical examAs per syllabus
Model theory examFull portionsWithin 5 days after the last exam

  • Internal assessment test and model exams: Absence of IAT and Model exams will be viewed very seriously. Students failing in the Unit Tests and Model Exams should attend special classes after the college hours and submit assignments. No re-tests will be conducted for the absentees.
  • Failed in two and above subjects in the University exams and Unit Tests: Parents are requested to meet the class in-charge first, then the respective HODs and the Principal in the prescribed dates specified.
  • Parent’s Acknowledgement: Unit tests, Model Exams and University exams marks should be entered in the student’s personal history card and also sent to the parents. All the marks sent through the e-mail/SMS should be acknowledged by the parents and this will be verified by class in-charge.
  • All requisition letters for Scholarship, Industrial Visit, Permission, Bonafide Certificates, Project permission, in-plant training should be addressed to the Principal.
  • Change of address: if there is any change in the address, it should be informed to the respective students/class in-charge/office by the parents. Boarding point in the record should also be changed immediately.

Students Handbook:

  • This should be maintained carefully and it should be available with the students.
  • Students should get signature from their parents in the absence record.
  • There are 10n leave forms available at the end of the diary to be used for taking leave (5 for each semester).

Industrial Visits: Minimum of two Industrial Visits will be arranged for our students in a year. An undertaking may be given by the parents, to participate their wards in the tour/Industrial Visit.

Behavioral Code: Any damage to the property of the college is a serious offense. Writing on the walls, doors and furniture, throwing ink or paper in or around the class is a punishable offense. The offenders have to pay for any damage done at the discretion of the management.

  • Exchange of gifts, cards, notes & letters with students of opposite sex is not allowed.
  • The college expects each student to be responsible for the notices posted by officers of the college on notice boards in the college campus. Students shall not tampered the notices displayed.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of assigned work, disobedience or disrespect towards the staff or others, forging signature, stealing and a bad moral influence justify dismissal. The students are responsible for the college authorities for their conduct both in and outside the college.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to smoke, consume alcohol an abuse drugs, etc.,
  • No college bus will be transacted during holidays.
  • Students are responsible for the safety of their books and belongings.
  • Inflammable substances and arms are strictly are prohibited inside the campus.
  • No unauthorized books, comics, periodicals, pictures or newspapers except those allowed by the college shall be brought to the college or circulated.
  • No borrowing or lending of money or exchanging of articles is allowed in the college.
  • No visitors in the form of ex-students, friends, etc., will be allowed in the college, classroom or canteen during the college hours.

CELL PHONE IS BANNED IN THE COLLEGE: Incase, the student brings the phone, the cell phone has to be surrendered to their respective HOD and the same can be collected at the end of the day. Students are not allowed to receive/make call except on emergency.

  • Tampering with the content or misuse of the college/library identity cards, bus identity cards, bus passes, tickets and tokens are liable for serious punishment.
  • Any kinds of wild noisy and disturbing behavior/celebration in the campus are strictly forbidden.
  • Laptops are permitted in the campus for signing and undertaking. Students who use laptops for other than educational purpose will face disciplinary action.
  • Our college possess eco-friendly environment. It is the responsibility of everybody in the campus to maintain it neat and tidy.
  • Cleanliness to be seen everywhere
  • Proper dining etiquette to be followed in the campus
  • All wastes should be dropped in the dust bin

Discipline in the Lab:

  • Food, Chewing/bubble gums is not allowed in the lab/class
  • Lab coat must be worn during the lab periods
  • Do not perform unauthorized experiments
  • Record your observations then and there
  • Get signature in the record note book from the lecturer before reporting for the next lab class
  • Maintain silence in the lab
  • Do not switch on the power before getting the circuit is verified and signed by the instructor
  • Report any breakage to the lab assistants immediately
  • Disconnect all circuit connections and clean your table before leaving the lab
  • If the student destroys the college materials, equipment’s, etc., He/She will be responsible for the damages
  • Get prior instructions from the instructor/lab-in-charge while using pen drive or CD
  • Don’t attempt to access prohibited website should be made
  • If any accident happens in the lab, it must be reported to the class-in-charge
  • On completion of the course no due certificate should be filled along with a requisition letter for course completion and submitted at the college after which all relevant document will be issued.

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