Code Giant Club


  • Increase the interaction and collaboration between the students interested in programming.
  • Improve the technical skills of students
  • To connect members with industry and networking events
  • Competitive  coding
  • Debugging contests and solve competitive problems
  • Game Development and Programming using Scratch
  • App development
  • Web Designing
  • Analyse Open source code
  • Develop mini projects
  • Explore languages such as ruby and python

Code Giants, Programming Club is a community of students enthusiastic about coding, Algorithmic Programming, App development, Web Designing and all other aspects of programming.It is headed by Senior Undergraduate students, the club is responsible for conducting competitive coding, debugging contests and web development events for the student community. With its motto: “Think, Learn, and Fun with Code”, Club strives to inculcate and foster the culture of programming on the campus.

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