Development Boards

Sl. NoNameDesignationPosition
1.Dr. Sujatha Jamuna AnandPrincipal , LITChairman
2.Sr. Arul SelviAdministrator , LITMember
5.Dr. S. M.KannanVice Principal , LITMember
3.Dr. L. Nalini JosephVice PrincipalMember
4.Mr. M. Aloy Fernando ParentMember
6.Mr. R. Ranso FernandoStudentMember
7.Mr. SaravananLab Assistant , LITMember
8.Mr. S. ShankarAssistant Professor / SHMember

Sl. NoNamePositionDesignation
1         Dr.V.BalajiMemberProfessor / MECH
2         Mrs. SV.PriyaMemberAssociate Professor /ECE
3         Mrs R.KumudhaMemberAP / MECH
4         Mr.K. Barathi RajaMemberAP / MECH
5         Mr. V.KumaranMemberAP / CIVIL
6         Mr.S.MahendranMemberAP / ECE
7         Mr. V. KandasamyMemberAP / IT
8         Mr. David KumarMemberLab Assistant

1Rev.Sr.Arul SelviAdministrator, Loyola Institute of Technology
2Dr. Sujatha Jamuna AnandPrincipal, Loyola Institute of Technology
3Dr. S.M .KannanVice Principal , Loyola Institute of Technology
4Dr. L. Nalini JosephVice Principal , Loyola Institute of Technology
5Dr.V.BalajiProfessor , MECH / LIT
6Dr.G.BhuvaneshwariProfessor , CSE Member / LIT
7Mr.P.Sathish KumarAssistant Professor, CSE Member / LIT
8Dr.Issac Paul RajProfessor, SH Member / LIT
9Mr.D.PabhuAssistant Professor, IT Member / LIT
10Mrs.P.RamaAssistant Professor,CSE Member / LIT
11Ms.SelvakumariWarden – Girls Hostel Member
12Mr.John CharlesWarden - Boys Member

Placement Officers – Mr. S. Sudhakar/Mr. P. Sekar

1Mr.M.RajendranAssistant ProfessorCIVIL
2Mr.A.Ajin BrabasherAssistant ProfessorCSE
3Mr.R.SivakumarAssistant ProfessorEEE
4Mr.S.MahendranAssistant ProfessorECE
5Mr.R.Naveen KumarAssistant ProfessorMECH
6Mr.M.VinothkumarAssistant ProfessorIT
7Ms.R.DeviAssistant ProfessorMCA
8Mr.SureshkumarAssistant ProfessorMBA
Sl. NoNameDesignationPosition
1Dr.Sujatha Jamuna AnandPrincipal , Loyola Institute of TechnologyChairman
2Sr.Selin MaryAssistant Professor, NGO, MBA/LITMember Secretary
3Dr.L.Nalaini JosephVice Principal, Loyola Institute of Technology Member
4Dr.G.BhuvaneshwariProfessor, CSE / LITMember
5Ms.S.V.PriyaAssociate Professor , ECE / LITMember
6Mrs.Beulah P W RubyAssistant Professor ,ECE / LITMember
7Ms.Vidya LakshmiAssistant Professor, CIVIL / LITMember
8Ms.JenilaAssistant Professor, CSE / LITMember
9Dr.R.Dhinakaran SamuelProfessor, ECE / LITMember
10Mr.A.ElaiyarajaAssistant Professor, MBA / LITMember

The women’s forum of Loyola Institute of Technology takes care of women’s interests and provides counseling assistance to women students and faculty. The forum celebrates Women’s Day every year on the 8th of March.

A campus monitoring flying squad of 5 or 6 persons is formed with the Principal/Faculty Members/Physical Education director of the college with two student representatives.

The roles of the campus monitoring squad are

  • To check the hostel and campus for /unlawful stays etc.
  • The faculty members shall do camping operations in the campus to detect anti-social elements and unlawful activities.
  • Principal and Deputy Wardens shall make surprise inspection in the campus, to make sure the safety and security of the students.


  • Mr. M.D. Hameed – EEE Department

Co co-ordinators

  • Mr. V. Kamalakannan – AP/ S&H
  • Mr. V. Kandasamy – AP/ IT
  • Mr. D. Prabhu – AP/IT
  • Ms. M. Alice Christy – AP/ECE
  • Mr.R. Naveenkumar AP/Mech
  • Ms. Gayathri – AP/EE
  • Ms. Vidhya Lakshmi – AP/Civil
  • Mr. G. Thigarajan – AP/MBA

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