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"90% Placement in MNCs like TCS, CTS, Infosys, Hero, MRF, Schneider Electric, HDFC, IDBI, Tech Mahindra, GENPACT, CSS Corp, etc." »  MOUs with NIIT, CAD, MSME(Govt of India), NPTEL Local Chapter, ORACLE ACADEMY, Indian Express(for communication).  »  Industry Institution Partnership with : Virtual Lab Remote Centre MHRD Govt of India, TCSion Authorized Exam Centre, IIT Kanpur Zonal Centre, GIS Centre of Excellence  »  "Mandatory Disclosre"
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 Dear Friends,
DMI and MMI are Congregation of Catholic Religious Sisters and Priests known for their selfless service to humanity in many parts of the world.
Self respect through self sustenance, Self sustenance through Capacity building, Capacity building through knowledge based technical skills, Knowledge based technical skills towards respectable employment, and respectable employment towards the realization of one’s ability to market one’s own ideas, skills and products is our vision for those whom we serve.Read More
Rev. Sr. M. Virgin is the co-foundress of DMI, MMI and AMI. She stood by the Founder along with the Founding Members of the Society in building up of DMI, MMI and AMI. She reached her heavenly abode on 11th January 2013.

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  1.   Square one Campus Drive on 6.04.2016

  2.   Romsoft Campus Drive on 2.04.2016

  3.   HDFC Campus Drive on 4.04.2016

  4.   Mucho international Campus Drive on 7.04.2016

  5.   TVS Electric Campus Drive on 15.04.2016

  6.   E2 info system Campus Drive on 1.03.2016

  7.   Android Robo Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  8.   Exingular Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  9.   CMS Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  10.   E-wave Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  11.   Just Connect Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  12.   TVS Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  13.   Hi Volt Campus Drive on 4.03.2016

  14.   Avasoft Campus Drive on 8.03.2016

  15.   Axis Bank(Off campus) Campus Drive on 9.03.2016

  16.   IDBI Campus Drive on 7.03.2016

  17.   Vertex solution Campus Drive on 17.03.2016

  18.   India Bulls Campus Drive on 18.03.2016

  19.   Lapiz Technology Campus Drive on 3.02.2016

  20.   HCL Talent Care campus drive on 02-02-2016

  21.   Schneider Electric Pvt Ltd campus drive on 04-02-2016 and 05-02-2016

  22.   App Inbox Campus Drive on 9.02.2016

  23.   All sec Technologies Campus Drive on 10.02.2016

  24.   Hani solutions Campus Drive on 12.02.2016

  25.   ESTEEM POLYMER PRODUCTS PVT LTD Campus Drive on 5.02.2016

  26.   Infosys(TNSLP) Campus Drive on 15.02.2016

  27.   Sutherland Global Services campus drive on 11-02-16

  28.   CSS Corp Campus Drive on 22.02.2016

  29.   Infosys(TNSLP) Campus Drive on 15.02.2016

  30.   Karthehaya plastics Campus Drive on 23.02.2016

  31.   TCS off campus drive on 29-01-2016 at our campus

  32.   Soft Solutions for U Campus Drive on 12.01.2016

  33.   Infinity Software Solutions Campus Drive on 13.01.2016

  34.   USAM Technologies Campus Drive on 22.12.2015

  35.   Mercury Fitting Campus Drive on 21.12.2015

  36.   Lintech Electric Campus Drive on 29.09.2015

  37.   Hero Campus Drive on 29.09.2015

  38.   Sree CAD Technologies

  39.   Besmack

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